Lenay Osman

My mum said I was an "active" baby, full of energy. As I grew up I was always involved in some form of physical activity. At the age of 10 I discovered the pleasures of swimming and dancing and ever since then throughout my 27 years (so far) I have been an active person.

Through sport I found out how the muscles and joints work and the absolute importance of healthy eating and today I have a real feel and passion for a natural and healthy diet.

I was 16 when I had my first relaxing massage and I loved it. Massage had a profound effect on me and that is when I realized how important it is for the body and mind and what a difference it makes to "clear thinking". It was in this clear thinking moment I decided to start my career in the world of massage and healing and I qualified as a Swedish massage therapist. 

I wanted to learn more about the art of movement, the effects of food and drink and lifestyle and how all this impacted on the body and mind. And so I began my journey into Ayurveda. I have trained at the Ayurveda Pura Academy with Deepa Apte in London.  I am qualified as an Ayurvedic Therapist and fully insured. I am looking forward to continuing my journey and exploring all the different arms of Ayuveda in the coming months and years.